Above: Roll call! Winkler, Ornelas, Rose-Campbell, Pitino! 

Wow. Not one candidate threatened to jail any of the others. Truly stunning. 

Yes, last night your Lost Coast Outpost, with support from the Mad River Union and KHUM, had the privilege to submit questions to four of the five candidates running for three Arcata City Council seats opening up this November. During the hour debate, incumbents Paul Pitino, Susan Ornelas and Michael Winkler and challenger Valerie Rose-Campbell all displayed a keen knowledge of Arcata’a inner workings as well as a love of their community. (A fifth registered candidate, Daniel Murphy, was unable to attend.)

Topics presented by yours truly and Sierra Jenkins included: affordable housing, wastewater treatment plant upgrades, homelessness, Halloween and New Year’s Eve Plaza policing, the Medical Marijuana Industrial Zone and more. Listen below.

(AUDIO) Arcata City Council Debate

(Special thanks to Mad River Union’s Jack Durham for forcefully keeping time and to KHUM’s Bayley Brown for audio-documenting the candidates positions for the ages.) 

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