Earlier this afternoon emergency personnel responded to Eureka High School on a report that a female student had overdosed on some substance in a bathroom. Upon arrival, the situation turned out to be a bit more serious.

According to Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills multiple EHS students were sickened after consuming argyreia nervosa AKA Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, tiny seeds with hallucinogenic properties. Mills admitted he had never heard of the plant before.   

As more students started to get sick, those who’d consumed the seeds started cooperating with law enforcement. Four students were ultimately admitted to the hospital while a few others remain in the emergency room. 

“We have identified a source, and we will continue to investigate to see if charges are possible,” Mills told the Outpost. “If so, we will forward it to the District Attorney for review.”

As anyone would, LoCO googled around for some info on what the kids are ingesting these days. Here’s what one site had to say about Hawaiian Baby Woodrose:

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds are LSA-containing seeds of one of many different strains of the plant Argyreia nervosa. Their effects are comparable to those of other classical psychedelics, but are distinctive for a relatively high incidence of certain side effects, especially nausea and vomiting. In contrast with the LSA-containing Morning Glory, wherein several hundred seeds are necessary to precipitate a psychedelic trip, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose causes psychedelic effects with ingestion of as little as 10 seeds or less, depending on the strain in question.

Effects of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Increase in empathy
Therapeutic self-reflection
Enhancement of taste
Color intensification
Enhancement of music
Sexual arousal

Time dilation
Pupil dilation
Peak effects delayed by ~3 hours following ingestion

Nausea (likely)
Vomiting (likely)
Muscle tightness
Reduced sweating may disrupt homeostasis
Unwanted or overwhelming thoughts or insights
Loss of balance/distortion of spatial perceptions the day after

They’re going to be OK.