A man with integrity called to warn me about a scam perpetrated on Redding’s homeless population. Someone else, a person who apparently has very little value for other humans, posted a Craigslist advertisement in Redding stating Eureka is looking to house additional homeless. This is untrue.

Yes, Eureka is a compassionate community that respects human rights. Yes, we make every effort to help those less fortunate. Yes, we practice our Judeo-Christian-Muslim values as a community, as demonstrated in our treatment of others. We take great pride in our efforts to house the houseless, feed the hungry, and clothe the naked. A great person who walked the face of the Earth said this is who we should be and what we must do. You should know that Eureka has housed scores of people over the past two years. People are now on the road to recovery and health. Bully for all of our homeless advocates and police officers who work tirelessly to help others.

Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills.

The unethical advertiser shows a picture of our Multiple Assistance Center and requests homeless call and lie about their location. How dreadful a person must be to have to stoop to this this level of depravity. They purposefully set vulnerable people up for failure. They seek to take hope from the hopeless. This is not their first swipe at this dishonesty. We have seen this ad before. They think it’s cute to advertise in cowardly anonymity. Are you truly anonymous in a digital footprint? I also find it hard to believe you have not bragged about it to others.

The City of Eureka, aided by the County of Humboldt, are housing our local residents, those who desire help. We feel bad for those duped into coming to Eureka for housing. Our resources are tapped. Further we professionally and compassionately police our community and have made great strides to reduce the blight associated with homelessness, by limiting panhandling and possession of shopping carts. In addition EPD has made hundreds of arrests for the recalcitrant criminals.

You might want to know that Eureka leads the region in innovation and are rapidly moving forward to a healthy community where business can flourish and community grows. This positive direction values all people while providing a safe environment to live, work, visit or play. So, when it’s 110° this summer in Redding, come check out our natural air conditioning, great fishing and outdoor adventures. Redding is a great community, one you should be proud of. Eureka is becoming one too. Come for a visit.

By the way, the man of high integrity…your Chief of Police, Robert Paoletti.