Indian Island | Photo: Ellin Belts, public domain. Via Wikimedia Commons.

PREVIOUSLY: (AUDIO) Rob Arkley Wants to Buy Indian Island to Keep Eureka From Returning it to ‘The Natives’

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The following message was forwarded to the Outpost this morning by Tim Callison of Security National, the company for which Rob Arkley serves as CEO:

Rob’s conversation on Talk Shop [yesterday] morning was completely misconstrued by Lost Coast Outpost in the article they posted [Monday]. We believe in this community and have proven it time and time again with our contributions over the years. Now we have offered to purchase Indian Island, but we do not want to own it. We would rather preserve it for the entire community.

We recognize that the massacre that took place in 1860 was horrific. It is not our wish to deny the Wiyot tribe access to sacred ceremonial grounds, or to their heritage, but to preserve the rights to the island for all citizens. It is a property with great historical significance and it belongs to all of us.

Why can’t we come up with a solution to share the island, learn from each other and benefit from our differing cultures for generations to come?


                    Cherie and Rob Arkley