As we mentioned earlier, it is Bill Murray Day here in Eureka. No mayoral proclamation necessary. This is just so. 

In case you are unaware, tonight Mr. Murray, along with some musical chums, will share his love of American literature and song during a sold out performance at the Arkley Center for the Performing Arts, which, of course, means that he walks among us

“Ahhh! Where is Bill Murray? Ahhh!” - everyone

Thus, it was with great excitement that LoCO was passed along our first visual confirmation that fog had miraculously not impeded the beloved comedian’s travels. Like, he’s totally here. Last night local fiddle master and Gallagher’s Irish Pub waiter Evan Morden was surprised to discover he’d be serving some A-list clientele last and was kind enough to share the photo evidence. Behold!

That’s him (and Evan)! Morden reports he, sadly, did not really interact with Murray during his meal — very professional — but did note that the star ordered the halibut dinner with a spinach salad. Repeat: Bill Murray had halibut and salad. Here. 

Wow. Don’t you just feel like you know Bill a little bit better now? So good.

# # #

UPDATE: There may have also been some hiking.

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