PREVIOUSLY: Parents Concerned as Eureka City Schools Looks to Restrict Inter-District Transfers

Earlier this week we reported that Eureka City Schools was looking to reclaim some of the many students who live in the district but attend schools elsewhere. According to Superintendent Fred Van Vleck there are nearly 800 such students, or nearly one of every five students who live in the district.

The proposal angered many local parents who have chosen to take their kids to out-of-district schools for a wide variety of reasons. The matter appeared to be headed for a fierce showdown at Thursday night’s Eureka City Schools board meeting. But according to the press release below, superintendents from throughout the county have agreed to recommend extending the current open-enrollment agreement for at least a year.

Here’s the press release from the Humboldt County Office of Education:

In a well-attended meeting, superintendents throughout Humboldt County met today to discuss current countywide enrollment management strategies. A change to student enrollment procedures requires accurate data and time for families and staffs to analyze that data and discuss options with school boards and their communities. 

The superintendents gathered today agreed to recommend to their respective boards that no changes for the 2017-18 school year be made to the current countywide enrollment agreement. Local boards would be asked to agree to this one-year extension. The superintendents further agreed to meet again in the near future to share comprehensive data regarding pupil enrollment and to continue the discussion about future enrollment management strategies. 

Informational meetings with interested community members are also anticipated to be conducted this spring and next fall at the local district level. For more information, please contact the Humboldt County Office of Education administration office at 707-445-7030.