Security National honcho Rob Arkley, speaking at his self-convened symposium on Eureka homelessness. File photo.

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Ed. note: The Lost Coast Outpost is in receipt of the following e-mail thread from Eureka’s Security National Servicing Corporation in quasi-response to this morning’s article on the state of cannabis permit applications in the county.

In the thread, Security National vice president of real estate Mike Willcutt informs president and co-owner Rob Arkley that his Fairhaven property is mentioned in the article. Willcutt lets Arkley know that he has rented a corner of the Fairhaven complex out to a marijuana consultancy, but hastens to assure him that no weed is being grown or stored there. Arkley then gets mad at the Outpost and has his assistant, Shirley Fuller, inform us of his ire.

None of this contradicts anything that appeared in our story. We never said a grower had rented the site; we said only that “Farm Family Expediting,” which bills itself as a “cannabis distribution” company, had applied for a county cannabis business permit at the Fairhaven address, which it has. 

Here, then, is the e-mail thread.

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From: Willcutt, Mike 
Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2017 1:10 PM
Lost Coast Outpost Hit Piece

Rob, just tried calling you. Wanted to give you a heads up that you/Fairhaven are mentioned in an article by Lost Coast Outpost re: Humboldt County businesses that have applied for marijuana applications with the county. I leased the other side of FoxFarm’s office to a consulting business, not a grower, but they, and you, are singled out early in the article.

Please understand that there is and will be absolutely no marijuana on the property. They are a consulting business ONLY, and is stipulated in our lease with them that their allowed uses are admin, meetings, and classroom use only. As usual, Lost Coast Outpost is taking an opportunity to take a swipe at you.

Just wanted you to hear it from me first.

Here’s a link to the article:

I’ve also attached the applicable section of the lease, outlining the permitted uses in Section 4.

Please call me with any questions.

Mike Willcutt 
Vice President of Real Estate
Security National Properties

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Please forward the below to lost coast outpost.  Please let them know that I don’t lease to pot growers and am not even close to the line.  I just wish that, as” journalists,” they took their responsibility to the truth and facts, as I do to the law.



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From: Fuller, Shirley

Please see email chain below regarding your recent article on “Weed Permit Applications…” and reference in it to Fairhaven Business Park and Rob Arkley.

Shirley Fuller