Original video recorded by Neva Swensen. Video edited by John Ferrara.

Earlier this year, a pest control self-help video involving a slinky and a squirrel went ultra-viral, racking up millions upon million of clicks on Facebook.

The video, featured below, shows a homeowner’s creative attempt at preventing squirrels from eating up all the seed in their bird feeder by attaching a slinky to its post.

Earlier this week, Eureka photographer Neva Swensen thought she’d fend off the local rats overtaking her feeder the same way. But she underestimated the street smarts of one particularly gangsta Eureka rat. Swensen recorded footage of the rat in action and posted it to Facebook.

“A very determined, very smart rat,” Swensen wrote on Facebook. “He finally figured out a slinky workaround. We have trapped and removed about 10 rats so far but we seem to be in a rat population explosion. Guess we need to stop putting out bird food for awhile.”

LoCO added a few touches and posted the video above. Original, not-as-smart squirrel below.