Dennis Wayne Finley Jr. | Fortuna looking towards Old Rohnerville.

Humboldt is known for its breathtaking sunsets, but you will kick yourself when you see the sunrise you missed this morning.

Early birds from all over the county awoke to scenes of purples, blues, and gold stretched across the sky. And if that weren’t pretty enough, the whole dang thing ended with a spectacular double-rainbow surprise.

Lucky for those of us caught snoozing, these early risers shared their sunrise photos with the Outpost for all to see.

As for the weather, we’re in store for another day of hot-‘n’-wet, with a high of 71 degrees expected around Humboldt Bay.

Yesterday, Eureka broke an 87-year-old temperature record before 10 a.m.

Scroll down for more photos of today’s sunrise as seen from various points of Humboldt County.


Kneeland | Amy Miller.

Jessica Sandford | Fortuna.

Liv Baddeley | Myrtlewown.

Arcata | John Ferrara.

Donna Lockwood‚Äé | Loleta.

Some house | Andrew Goff