After inexplicably spending all day yesterday examining whether this thing was “releasable” under California’s public records law, the county just sent out David Marcus’s letter of resignation from his tumultuous and short-lived tenure as public defender.

All of four sentences long, the letter doesn’t reveal much about what prompted his decision, be it the pending lawsuit challenging his legal qualifications for the office, the mass exodus of seasoned attorneys in his office since he took the reins or something else altogether.

The one noteworthy tidbit is a reference to “the Board’s agreement to provide [Marcus] two months’ severance,” which implies that supervisors negotiated with him during last Wednesday’s closed-door meeting. Was he urged to resign? Begged to stay? So far none of the supervisors have responded to questions sent by the Outpost regarding his tenure and departure, save for Third District Supervisor Mike Wilson’s evasive and perfunctory, “I’m glad that’s over.”

As reported yesterday, Kaleb Cockrum is slated to be appointed as interim public defender at the board’s December 5 meeting.

Here’s Marcus’s letter in full:

Dear Amy:

I appreciate the opportunity to have served as Humboldt County Public Defender. I have concluded that it makes sense for me to resign, effective immediately. I will assist to facilitate the transition. I appreciate the Board’s agreement to provide me two months’ severance. 

Best Regards, 
David G. Marcus