Now that’s heartening. LoCO’s walk back from lunch today was pleasantly interrupted by a shot of “never quit”-spirit. 

We’ll explain. A couple of days ago, we found out, our downstairs neighbors at Sassafras — fine local provider of children’s clothing, gifts and accessories — made the decision to board up one of their large front windows that had recently badly cracked, the eventual result of years-old bullet holes (it happens!). While the Sassafras crew contemplate their glass options, like good folk they wanted to protect passersby should the window decide to fully break and crash to the street below. 

Before | Courtesy: Sassafras

Last night though, to add lame insult to injury, some unoriginal dip decided to tag up Sassafras’s temporary decor. Boo. 

Luckily, when her co-workers told her about the vandalism to the shop’s exterior, Sassafras employee Sidoma Bowen knew exactly what kind of -ade to make from these lemons. 

“I’ll turn it into people!” Bowen thought. You can see the results (for a limited time) at 417 Second Street.

And now you know how Old Town’s blue people mural came to be. Hopefully the art critics that populate LoCO’s comment section will be kinder to this latest public art addition than they have been other recent entries

Click video to play. Problems on iPhone? Turn your phone sideways.

Above: Sidoma invites LoCO to help name her blue people