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What do you do when you see the work of some exemplary carpentry skills attached to the back of an old Ford Ranger tagged with Germaine.TV stickers and accompanied by a gentleman with a heavy french accent that offers you a Pellegrino in the middle of Arcata? Well, you inquire more, of course!

This LoCO Video Report is about a 66-year-old traveling blogger named Bertrand Hallé, who wound up in Humboldt just two weeks after launching a website, a Facebook page, and hitting the road on an international expedition from Montreal, Canada.

Hallé has woodworked for more than 25 years, but over the past two years he devoted his spare time to a special project — a project that would take more than 2,000 hours to complete, but aid him with his new adventure in style.

He says “I wanted it to represent America. So the first thing, a Ford pickup, and then I used a picture of a 1946 caravan.”

The local architecture, historic buildings, redwoods, and overall scenery truly enthralled the man. But his most memorable moment? When he got his first interview, with the Lost Coast Outpost.