If you haven’t taken a stroll or a roll on the still relatively newish Eureka Waterfront Trail you’re really missing out on a unique way to experience the city and adjacent Humboldt Bay. In short, what are you thinking? Get off your phone and get out there, dummy! 

Oh, wait! Strike that. LoCO is going to make yet another experience easy and digital for you. How, you ask? With the help of our good pal and contributor Chad Johnson who recently commanded his drone to document the whole damn length of the Eureka trail, from Myrtletown to Elk River, in dazzling, data-munching 4k.

Ready? Then follow fellow videographer Chris Smith as he guides you along the trails lush twists and turns on his zoomy electric skateboard for this epic 26-minute odyssey. Johnson even drops in helpful labels so you’ll be able to point out landmarks to visitors you drag along on this journey IRL in the future.

Really great stuff, Chad!

LoCO likes Eureka and this clip is evidence you should too.