October 2018

(VIDEO) Whee! View the Entirety of the Eureka Waterfront Trail From Above!

January 2018

(HELI-VIDEO) Arcata Family Stranded on Snowy Pass in Trinity County Rescued by CHP Chopper

Drone Footage: Aerial Views of the 2018 Women’s March on Eureka

(VIDEO) Gnarly Waves Wallop the North Jetty

A Chinese Spacecraft is Plunging Toward Earth and Humboldt Is In the Narrow Zone of Places That May Get Hit

November 2017

(VIDEO) NASA Simulation Shows Smoke From Recent Pacific Northwest Wildfires Blow From Here to Europe

January 2017

Drone Footage of Yesterday’s Trinidad to Clam Beach Run River Crossing at Moonstone

December 2016

(VIDEO) A Drone’s-Eye View of Paragliders Soaring Over Table Bluff

November 2016

(AERIAL VIDEO) Let’s Just Watch Waves Crash Against the South Jetty All Day, Humboldt

August 2016

(VIDEO) Aerial Views of Treesitter Still Occupying the Canopy Near Strawberry Rock

June 2016

(VIDEO) Drone Footage of Local Surfers Shredding Gnar at Freshwater Beach

June 2015

Humboldt Quadcopter Sessions: Indian Island / Woodley Island Marina

May 2015

Humboldt Quadcopter Sessions: Trinidad Lighthouse (VIDEO)

Humboldt Quadcopter Sessions: Trinidad State Beach (VIDEO)

Humboldt Quadcopter Sessions: Moonstone Beach (VIDEO)

February 2015

Aerial Views of the Arcata Community Forest (VIDEO)

October 2014

What Jousting Looks Like From Above (VIDEO)

Measuring the Brotherhood Tree: A Quadcopter’s View

September 2014

Scotia Sawmill Flyover/through (VIDEO)

August 2014

Reggae on the River 2014 Flyover (VIDEO)

June 2014

Kinetic Aerial Flashback, Part 1 (VIDEO)

May 2014

Aerial Quadcopter Views of a Giant, Metal Shark Entering Humboldt Bay (VIDEO)

Aerial Quadcopter Views of Dead Man’s Drop (VIDEO)

February 2014

Humboldt Quadcopter Sessions: Patrick’s Point Drive (VIDEO)

December 2013

Humboldt Quadcopter Sessions: Fly Houda Point! (VIDEO)

May 2013

See Chad Johnson’s New Springtime Quadcopter Vids

September 2012

Helicopter-Cam Man Chad Johnson Blinds Thomas Dolby With Redwoods

July 2012

CamCopter Wizard Chad Johnson Does Mad Motorsports at the Humboldt Garden Party

May 2012

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