Photos taken by Talia Rose today near Piercy.

Story and photos by local wildlife photographer and blogger of County Line Wild Talia Rose:

After spending about an hour watching the Mountain Lion sleeping in the brush, sometimes eyes closed, sometimes watching me, I decided to head home to go to work.

I figured it was going to spend the day there. How many shots of a sleeping Mountain Lion can one take? I started to walk back when I saw the ripple in the water.

An Otter — one of the two I had seen fishing that morning. The Otter headed right towards where the Mountain Lion was sleeping! I walked back, camera ready, adrenaline pumping.

The Otter then exited the water — less than 20 feet from where the Mountain Lion rested. I saw the Lion get up, and begin to stalk the Otter. OMG! It leapt through the air and pounced, coming down to the river’s edge just as the Otter escaped it’s pounce.

The Otter swam away. I did not see blood in the water. The Mountain Lion glared at me and I decided it was time to go. It turned away and I took that opportunity to swiftly walk away to where I was hidden by willow as I moved up river, back towards home.

I was pumped! I kept looking behind me, even though I knew the Lion was still across the river. At one point, a Jack Rabbit jumped out from a bush and I screamed. Loud. “Whoa!”

What an amazing, incredible, mind blowing encounter. My HOLY GRAIL shot — the one I have been waiting for and manifesting, and the beautiful creature was safely across the river, just as I hoped for.