PREVIOUSLY: Someone Has Disfigured the McKinley Statue by Spraying it With A Patina-Eating Chemical

One day after it was discovered that Arcata’s statue of President William McKinley had been splattered with a corrosive, disfiguring liquid the group advocating for the statue’s removal has released a statement saying, hey, wasn’t us.

NO on Measure M — the group urging Arcata’s citizens to vote down a measure that would allow the controversial sculpture to remain in the center of the Arcata Plaza — released a statement Wednesday saying they “did not take part in nor were we aware of the vandalism.” They go on to speculate that the vandals may be trying to influence voters. 

Read NO on Measure M’s statement in full below:


In light of the recent defacing of the William McKinley Statue, the NO on Measure M group would like to make a statement to the public to be clear where we stand. We did not take part in nor were we aware of the vandalism that was done to the statue on October 16th, 2018. Although we are working to get the statue removed we are concerned that someone has defaced the statue in order to influence the election outcome. Despite this, we are still confident that the community will not be distracted by this act of vandalism and make the right choice on November 6th.

Remember, vote NO on Measure M to continue the removal process of the McKinley Statue on the Arcata Plaza. Learn more about the statue and its history at or