The corner of First and F Streets, Eureka

If you’re planning to drive in Old Town Eureka today, pay extra attention and be prepared to stop at a few intersections where you didn’t need to before.

The City of Eureka is installing new stop signs at the intersections of First and F, Second and F, Second and E and Third and G Streets, making the previously two-way stops into four-way stops.

New stop sign on Second and F.

Tyler Burdick of the Eureka Public Works department told the Outpost that at least three of the intersections will be finished by today, with First and F street already complete and both Second and F and Second and E about halfway complete. If the crew doesn’t get to Third and G streets by today, Burdick says it will be completed on the next day that weather permits.

The new signs are decorated with safety orange flags, which will stay up for about a month to help people notice them. Burdick says there is always an adjustment period when new stop signs are installed when some people won’t realize they need to stop.

“I think at first people are so used to not having one there, they don’t even look,” Burdick told the Outpost, as he and another crew member were finishing up installing the stop sign in front of Los Bagels.

But Burdick believes that the signs will ultimately really improve traffic safety in this area of Old Town. Although he’s never actually witnessed an accident at any of these intersections, Burdick says he’s seen a lot of close calls.

“Hopefully this will slow traffic down here and people can cruise and walk a little safer,” he said.


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The City of Eureka crew working on the corner of Second and E Streets. | Photo Ryan Burns