Delbert Chumley (right center) and Abram Hill (left center) from Piercy Volunteer Fire found Leia and Caroline 1.4 miles southeast of their Benbow home. | Photos provided by HCSO.

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Here’s a look at the two HEROES who located Leia and Caroline. We are so thankful for Delbert Chumley and Abram Hill from Piercy Volunteer Fire for assisting in this 44-hour search. We are so grateful for the support provided by all of our assisting agencies and over 210 searchers!

We received several requests from community members to help in the ground search this weekend. For those of you who asked, please consider joining our Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Posse so that you too can help on our next search. This is a volunteer posse that is deployed to all of our local (and many out of the area) search and rescue operations. Find out how to join here:

Leia and Caroline reunited with family after being located at about 10:30 a.m.