Feel the newness!

As of right now, the Hoopa Valley has a brand-spankin’ new grocery store!

Almost three years after Ray’s Food Place closed its doors in the Hoopa forever — three years in which valley residents were left without a permanent place to buy produce and many other necessities — the Hoopa Valley Tribe just cut the ribbon on the Hoopa Shopping Center with a big ol’ party and prizes and all that.

The new grocery store is a tribally owned and operated enterprise, and replaces the old Ray’s, which left town in the summer of 2016 following the discovery of a major rat infestation. Since that time, residents of the valley have had to drive over the hill into Willow Creek for much of the day-to-day stuff you can normally only get in a supermarket. The tribe and the county had some stopgap measures in place — farmers’ markets and other programs — but it ain’t quite the same as having a regular store.

It’s looking pretty nice inside!

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