“We could be at the height of our curve by the end of this month,” said Humboldt County Sheriff Billy Honsal, hopefully, in a videotaped media availability this afternoon — part of a plea for locals to respect the county’s shelter-in-place order.

Once again, Honsal took questions from local media outlets on how the Sheriff’s Office and the Office of Emergency Services are addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the specific questions asked, along with the approximate timestamp in the video above:

  • Are you concerned about new types of fraud and scams arising in relation to COVID-19? (0:00)
  • Who can people donate money to if they want to help the community through this crisis? (1:20)
  • What are we doing to help find rooms for the most vulnerable of the homeless people through this crisis? (2:15)
  • Have you been in any conversations with the California National Guard, or how the Guard might be deployed if needed? (3:30)
  • Has the Sheriff’s Office procedure in responding to domestic violence calls changed since the COVID-19 crisis? (4:40)
  • Are there any COVID-19 cases reported among local members of law enforcement? (7:10)
  • How is the local jail handling the COVID-19 threat? (8:00)
  • A plea from Sheriff Honsal to honor the shelter-in-place order. (9:38)