(AUDIO) Jada Calypso Brotman is Holding Up

With a lot of our usual Humboldt fun canceled this year, summer hasn’t looked the way we planned. But it hasn’t been all bad, right? For local writer Jada Calypso Brotman — best known for her food columns in various publications, including LoCO — not having Crabs baseball or Oyster Festival has been a big bummer. But going to the river and eating kick-ass local produce has helped make the summer a little less crappy.

The masked mouth of Brotman

Brotman was kind enough to share her (only sometimes cynical ) take on life amid the pandemic on this week’s episode of Humboldt Holding Up, the Lost Coast Outpost’s weekly Zoom audio chat with local folks in the COVID era. Warning: it might get spicy! Topics discussed with Brotman include:

  • The struggles of mothering a toddler during the pandemic
  • Her favorite take-out spots in Arcata
  • The importance of Northtown Books
  • Why salads are good (sort of)
  • More!

Click the audio player above to hear Brotman get chatty with the Outpost’s Andrew Goff and Stephanie McGeary and/ or scroll through past episodes below.