(AUDIO) Jackie Silva is Holding Up

Have you reached the point in your shelter-in-place journey where you’re ready to have new holes poked in your body? Jackie Silva can help you with that. As a body piercer and co-owner of Sangha Tattoo Studio In Eureka, Jackie has had to implement numerous new standards and practices to ensure her clients’ health and safety, but she is absolutely open for business. 

Jackie Silva, piercer

Hear what the last few months have been like for Jackie and her colleagues during this week’s edition of Humboldt Holding Up, the Lost Coast Outpost’s regular aural Zoom meeting with Humboldt folk who are managing to make things work in the COVID era. Other topics discussed include:  

  • How Jackie views body piercing as a form of healing;
  • The types of clients she and her colleagues discourage from getting tattoos and piercings;
  • The unfortunate place she found a cache of old Sharkey’s Arcade tokens (Sangha Tattoo occupies the arcade’s former digs);
  • Jackie’s experiences as a participant in human suspension;
  • MORE!

Click the audio player above for Jackie’s chat with LoCO’s Stephanie McGeary and Andrew Goff and/or scroll past Humboldt Holding Up Guests below.


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Bonus: During our conversation with Jackie, we referenced an ‘80s video profile of Eureka’s long-defunct Sharkey’s Arcade that we’d stumbled upon on YouTube. Here’s that. Do the time warp again by allowing the clip below to invade your brain.