Video of College Cove recorded on Sunday by reader Jason Wheeler.

King tides and 30-foot waves have made for some very scary ocean conditions along the North Coast these past few days.

Eureka’s National Weather Service office reports that the hazardous conditions will subside tomorrow, before large westerly swells move into the area on Friday.

A few kind readers have shared their frightening photos and videos of the monster surf with the Outpost. Scroll through the videos below for some recent ocean views along the Humboldt Coast.

Footage of high tide at Moonstone Beach this morning. | Karina Junge

Photos and video taken by Jon Burton-Reesman in Trinidad on Sunday.

Jon Burton-Reesman.

Big waves at the North Jetty on Sunday. | Video provided by Jenifer Sherman. (Sherman wanted to include that the dog seen in this video, which is not hers, was unharmed by the waves.)

Aerial footage of waves crashing into an old barn in Centerville yesterday. | Video by Rose Hanan.

Additional footage of a group nearly getting swept away by a large wave at Trinidad State Beach last week. | Rose Hanan

The North and South Jetty. | Aerial photos from around Humboldt County yesterday by Tim Hanan.

The Arcata Marsh.

Centerville Beach.

Humboldt and Arcata Bays.