Citing the ongoing impacts from COVID-19, the organizers of the beloved Kinetic Grand Championship have announced that there will be no in-person race this coming Memorial Day, making this the second straight year that the global pandemic has harshed Humboldt’s art nerd glory. 

Read the message from the Kinetic Universe, the organization responsible for running the race, below:

Kinetic Universe places the highest value on the health and wellbeing of our kinetic family, which includes not only builders, racers, peons and pit crews, but also the many dedicated volunteers, generous sponsors and supporters, and our many thousands of fans. The threat of harm from COVID-19 is all too clear and continues to impact all facets of our lives. Even though vaccines are beginning to be distributed, all indications are that widespread vaccination and herd immunity will not be achieved until perhaps the end of the year. While we hope for earlier relief from the pandemic, it takes months of effort to plan for the race and we believe it is important to act early and prudently. After consulting with Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services, we have determined that it is in the best interest of public health to cancel the in person Memorial Day (May 29, 30, and 31st, 2021) Kinetic Grand Championship race.

There is no glory in cancelling this beloved event for the second year in a row and we take this unprecedented precaution out of a sense of care for the kinetic community. Though we are not planning an in person race this year, we will be keeping the spirit of kinetics alive with virtual events. We look forward to collaborating with those of you able to contribute your ideas, talents, time, and love of the race so that we may celebrate kinetic glory safely in 2021 and continue building our great tradition.

Kinetic Universe Board of Directors
Steve McHaney, President
Robert van de Walle, Treasurer
Jenette Kime, Secretary
Jennifer Thelander