There will still be a council meeting at Arcata City Hall tonight, just no Gateway Area Plan discussion | File photo: Stephanie McGeary



Contrary to what the Outpost posted early this morning and what is stated in the staff report, the Arcata City Council will not be discussing the Gateway Area Plan during tonight’s meeting, due to the fact that the council will not have enough members present to weigh in on that particular topic. 

Councilmember Meredith Matthews emailed the Outpost earlier today to say that she will not be attending tonight’s meeting, something she had mentioned at the previous council meeting. “Because of my absence, there will be no Gateway Area Plan discussion, the conversation will revolve around the General Plan Update,” she wrote. 

Because Councilmembers Alex Stillman and Stacy Atkins-Salazar both need to recuse themselves from any Gateway Area Plan discussions, due to a Fair Political Practices Commission ruling, only three councilmembers – Matthews, Sarah Schaefer and Kimberly White – remain to discuss the plan. Without Matthews, the council will not have quorum. 

David Loya, community development director for the City of Arcata, confirmed with the Outpost that Matthews had mentioned her absence ahead of time, and that it was his mistake that the Gateway Area Plan portion of tonight’s discussion was placed on the agenda.

The conversation on the General Plan Update – the broader-scoping plan, which will guide development in the City of Arcata for the coming years – will still take place, as all the other four councilmembers are permitted to participate in those discussions. 

The Arcata City Council meets tonight (Wednesday, April 5) at 6 p.m. You can view the agenda and directions on how to participate here.