The lot next to Greenview Market | Photos: Stephanie McGeary


The long-vacant lot at 11th Street and Janes Road, next to Greenview Market in Arcata, may soon be developed into a housing and business complex. Local development company North Star Development LLC has filed for a design review permit that will be considered by the Arcata Planning Commission next week. 

According to the plans filed with the City, the project would include the construction of three two-story buildings – two residential buildings that would hold a combined total of 22 two-bedroom units, and a third building that would hold two commercial spaces. The site plans also include the addition of a parking lot with 23 vehicle spaces and 18 bike parking spaces, plus some landscaping additions. 

Above: Design for the commercial building that would face 11th Street. Below: Design for the larger of the residential buildings | Images from plans submitted to the City of Arcata

A reader informed the Outpost that the proposed project already has some pushback from people (or at least one person) in the community and that someone has posted fliers near the lot calling for residents to “save the neighborhood” by either attending the Planning Commission meeting or writing to city staff to oppose the new development. 

“Northstar development wants to build a complex next to Greenview Market that will completely change and ruin the character of this neighborhood,” a laminated flier pinned to the utility poles in front of Greenview Market reads. “Stop the greed of exploitative development! Let the city know that this development is wrong for this neighborhood!” 

A flier posted on the utility pole in front of Greenview Market

Because the property is already zoned for mixed-use development and it is not in the coastal zone, the approval process is pretty straightforward. David Loya, director of community development for the City of Arcata, told the Outpost that if the Planning Commission approves the permit, the development will be able to move forward and will require no further review from the City. The only exception is if someone files an appeal with the city council. Appeals must be filed within 10 business days of the Planning Commission’s action. 

The Arcata Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing on the proposed project during its regular meeting on Tuesday, July 25 at 5:30 p.m. at Arcata City Hall – 736 F Street. You can view the notice here and view the full design plans here. The full agenda has not yet been posted, but will most likely be posted by Friday. When posted, you will be able to view the full agenda and directions on how to participate in the meeting here

You can also email your comments or questions to Delo Freitas, senior planner, before the meeting at