Have you ever visited the Table Bluff Cemetery? Did you even know that there was a Table Bluff Cemetery? Well, you might be interested in checking it out, after watching the latest “Humboldt Outdoors” video, created by local documentarian Ray Olson. 

In this episode Olson is joined by local history-buffs Jerry Rohde, author of Both Sides of the Bluff, and Barry Evans, author of The Humbook, who take Olson on a tour of the tiny Table Bluff Cemetery that was built in 1887. 

Evans and Rhode show Olson the graves of some notable Humboldt people including Seth Kinman, a notorious hunter who also started the old Table Bluff Saloon, and Laura Perrott Mahan, who was the first president of the Humboldt County Women’s Save the Redwoods League. The trio also discusses the history of Table Bluff, once home to the busiest wagon road in Humboldt County, and the demise of the town caused by the construction of the Loleta Tunnel, which lies 250 feet directly below the cemetery. 

So, go ahead and click “play” and join Olson, Evans and Rohde on an exciting and informative tour of the Table Bluff Cemetery. And maybe you’ll be inspired to visit it yourself!