A hmbldt dose pen loaded up with hmbldt sleep formula. This has been changed.




Remember that L.A.-based, heavily funded cannabis startup that called itself “hmbldt”? Its proprietary vape technology was written up in the Atlantic, Wired, Fast Company, Bloomberg, Time Magazine and elsewhere, and it was positioning itself to be the highest of high-tech new firms looking to make a splash in the field of decriminalization.

One problem: Though one of its founders is from Humboldt County, it was never exactly clear where it sourced the raw material for its oils and extractions and the like. This was potentially a problem: California’s cannabis regulations have pretty strong “appellation” provisions — you are not allowed to pretend your product is from a place that it is not from. 

Well, looks like that’s no longer an issue, as the company has changed its name. In the press release below there is no mention of any potential squirelliness around the appellation issue, but as of now “hmbldt,” such as it was, definitively does not mean to imply “Humboldt.” 

Press release from dosist™:

hmbldt™ announced today that the cannabis-based health and wellness company will change its name from hmbldt™ to dosist™ on Dec. 26. The company has seen great success with its award-winning vaporizer — the dose pen™ — and its six targeted formulations of the active ingredients in cannabis: bliss, sleep, calm, relief, arouse and passion.



Since its launch, the company has received global recognition for advancing access to safe, targeted and effective cannabis-based therapy — helping patients use cannabis as a wellness tool with predictable and consistent results. The innovative product lineup features an intuitive design, highly technical formulations and proprietary dosage technology, which together help people see cannabis in a new light and serve as a viable solution for people looking for new approaches to health and wellness.

As the brand looks to the future, it is changing its name from hmbldt™ to dosist™ to further fortify the company’s position, which is based on patented and trademarked dosage-controlled devices. The name dosist™ is from the root dosis: the Greek word for dose, or more precisely, “an exact portion prescribed, literally a giving or gift.”

“Dosage is the justification for everything we do and every product we create. It is what makes our formulas effective and our product advanced, and what differentiates us from the competition. In the predawn moment of California ushering in legal adult use, the new name dosist™ perfectly reflects our commitment to our customers” said Gunner Winston, CEO of dosist™.

Customers, dispensaries and partners will find no change in the dose pen™ delivery devices or formulas but can expect logo adjustments on products in the beginning of January. Stay tuned while the brand works on new products and new dosage-controlled delivery systems slated to launch in 2018.

About dosist™:

Named one of Time Magazine’s Top 25 Inventions of 2016, dosist™ is a cannabis-based health and wellness company founded on the premise that plant-based medicine can bring healing and happiness to the masses. Through six targeted formulas — bliss, sleep, calm, relief, arouse and passion — dosist™ delivers safe, targeted and effective solutions for some of our most common ailments. The company takes an ethical approach to production, which includes fully recyclable, medical-grade plastic and a rigorous testing process to ensure all products are safe and pesticide-free. Please note: our new website, dosist.com, will be live on Dec. 26.