Seal yoga at Trinidad Harbor. Photos and captions by Alan Peterson. More of Peterson’s work can be see hanging in the F Street Foto Gallery, upstairs from Swanlund’s Photo, at 527 F Street in Eureka.

Once again, local wildlife photographer and friend of LoCO Alan Peterson has put together a stunning photo series.

These few dozen pictures, taken last month, capture wildlife from all over Humboldt County.

Now breathe deep, scroll, and enjoy as LoCO transports you directly into the wild from your office chair.

Damselfly nymphs can be seen swimming just below the surface in the shallows of Freshwater Lagoon. During the evening, small groups of swallows gather to feed on them.

A mother elk gives her calf a tongue bath. Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.

After watching the ground intently for several minutes, the hawk makes its move. McKinleyville.

A Red-shouldered Hawk takes a break from watching for prey to groom itself. McKinleyville.

A Common Raven got a little too close to the willows where the Red-winged Blackbirds nest and picked up an unwanted passenger. Freshwater Lagoon.

A Snowy Plover chick after a little more than two weeks out of the nest. Humboldt Lagoons State Park.

As a dense fog bank rolls in off the ocean, a Double-crested Cormorant arrives to fish in Freshwater Lagoon.

While gray whale mothers take their young up to the arctic to fatten up during the summer, small groups of males will feed along California’s northern coast. Patrick’s Point State Park.

A gray whale surfaces for air near Wedding Rock. Patrick’s Point State Park.

Ospreys have a nictitating membrane: an extra semi-transparent eyelid that protects their eyes as they dive into the water. Freshwater Lagoon.

Green Herons are shy birds and usually prefer not to be seen, but they can occasionally be spotted in the alders and willows by Freshwater Lagoon.

Success. The otter secures a feast for itself. Trinidad.

A river otter swims through Trinidad Harbor, hoping to get an easy meal from the fishermen that just returned to the dock. Trinidad.

A harbor seal yawning in Trinidad Harbor.

Flocks of Brown Pelicans are arriving on the north coast. Humboldt Lagoons State Park.

A Great Blue Heron flies along the shore of Freshwater Lagoon, looking for a good fishing spot.

The young Roosevelt elk calves nurse frequently. Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.

A successful hunt. Freshwater Lagoon.

Taking off from the water with wet feathers and a struggling fish requires a powerful effort by the Osprey. Freshwater Lagoon.

They Osprey twists back in the opposite direction as the fish changes course. Freshwater Lagoon.

An Osprey swerves in mid-dive to follow a moving fish. Freshwater Lagoon.

A Downy Woodpecker looking for insects in the willows near George Allen Marsh. Arcata Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary.

A Roosevelt elk calf squeaks to get its mother’s attention. Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.

A Peregrine Falcon makes a quick pass over McDaniel Slough, looking for prey. Arcata Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary.

Down the hatch. Arcata Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary.

A large school of immature smelt gathered in the restored salt marsh, attracting a handful of hungry Great Egrets. Arcata Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary.

A Great Egret striking at a fish near McDaniel Slough. Arcata Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary.

It’s the father Snowy Plover’s job to watch after the young once they leave the nest. If he senses a threat nearby, he herds the tiny chicks up into the dune vegetation. Humboldt Lagoons State Park.

Snowy Plover chicks, shortly after leaving the nest. Humboldt Lagoons State Park.

Damselflies mating in Freshwater Lagoon.

Arcata Marsh’s freshwater ponds were flush with Mallard Ducklings.

An Osprey flies off with a trout in its talons at Freshwater Lagoon.

Clark’s Grebes on Clear Lake. Lucerne, California.

The Elk Meadow herd of Roosevelt elk had six calves this year. Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.

A river otter checks its surroundings after climbing out of the water in Trinidad Harbor.

A Red-shouldered Hawk diving after prey next to Widow White Creek. McKinleyville.