A screenshot of what the Internet looked like for a few hours this morning

What a time to be here, now. 

Just after midnight this morning our President gifted us all with a word, a great word that sat there, on his Twitter feed, for nearly six hours like a spilled bottle of Tobasco sauce no one wants to take the responsibility to clean up. Bear witness:

Yes. It’s wonderful, sir. Thank you. 

The President awoke Wednesday morning to the seeming realization he’d fallen asleep mid-narrative construction and deleted his covfefey tweet, replacing it with a surprisingly self-deprecating message:


But it was too late. The Internet was already engaged in the type of merriment it lives for, inventing every possible meaning for the newly minted expression. Many memes were birthed. Among the the revelers was our very internet-savvy congressman, Jared Huffman — no fan of the current White House resident — who tweeted out his own, timely “covfefe” definition: 

Today is the 131st day of Donald Trump’s Presidency.