From Humboldt Bay Fire:

Humboldt Bay Fire is placing the medication Narcan into service on all Fire Apparatus beginning in the month of December. Narcan is a medication used to offset the potentially lethal effects of the class of drugs called opioids which has become prevalent not only throughout our community but the country.

The use of the medication Narcan by Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) was approved this year by North Coast Emergency Medical Services and Humboldt Bay Fire is currently training all employees, who are required at a minimum to be EMT’s on its use in the field. Humboldt Bay Fire has carried Narcan on its apparatus that are staffed with Paramedics since 2011 and following the completion of the training for EMT’s in the use of Narcan, all Humboldt Bay Fire apparatus will be equipped with Narcan 24/7.

The final day of training will be on Wednesday November 28th @ 1330 hrs at the Humboldt Bay Fire Training Classroom located @ 3030 L St. in Eureka, and the local media is invited to witness the training and receive more information about the use of Narcan by Humboldt Bay Fire during medical emergencies in the field.