Mural design by Nick Sweetman of Toronto

Since this time last year, when the first ever Eureka Street Art Festival took over Old Town for a week, you have surely been wondering: what wacky and whimsical artwork will be coming to the streets of Eureka next?!

Luckily for you, the Eureka Art and Culture Commission met this morning to review the proposed imagery for the festival and provide feedback, giving us a sneak peek of some of the new murals.

This year’s festival is focused on the downtown area of Eureka between Sixth and Seventh Streets and C and H streets, making over buildings including the Humboldt Bay Fire Station, Paul’s Live From New York and the Sixth Street Eatery.

Twenty artists, both local and traveling, are participating this year. Some Humboldt-based artist include muralist and kinetic sculpture creator Duane Flatmo, mural artist Lucas Thornton, Genevieve St. Charles-Monet (now based in Seattle) and returning participant Blake Reagan.  Some of the out-of-towners include Jerry Rugg (aka “Birdo”) of Toronto, Miami-based artist Eric Karbeling, and Mabel Vicentef, coming all the way from Buenos Aires.

You can watch them and the many other talented artist working during the festival, which kicks off this Saturday. You can find more info here.

Now, the part you’ve been waiting for: Scroll down to see some of the mural designs that will soon be in your town!



Mural for Humboldt Bay Fire station. Design by Eric Karbeling

Mural design by Lucas Thornton of Eureka

Bench art design by James Carey of Huntington Beach

Mural design by Sonny Wong of Eureka

Mural design by Dave Van Patten of Long Beach and James Carey of Huntington Beach

Mural design by Jerry Rugg of Toronto, Canada

Design for shipping container near Picky Picky Picky. by Ben Goulart of Bayside

Mural design by Mabel Vicentef of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Art by 2hERMANO of Sacramento