Simulation showing what it would look like from Scotia if large turbines were installed atop Monument Ridge. | File photo courtesy Terra-Gen.


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Press release from the County of Humboldt:

The close of the public comment period for the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Humboldt Wind Energy Project has been extended from June 5, 2019 to June 14, 2019.

All comments on the Draft EIR must be received by the county no later than 5 pm on June 14, 2019.

Direct comments to:

Humboldt Wind Energy Project Planner
County of Humboldt Planning Department
3015 H Street
Eureka, CA 95501

Address where copy of Draft EIR is available:

The Draft EIR and other project materials remain available for public review and download on the County of Humboldt’s website for the project.

Printed copies of the document are available for public review at the following locations during normal business hours:

Humboldt County Public Library - Rio Dell Branch
715 Wildwood Avenue
Rio Dell, CA 95562

Humboldt County Public Library - Ferndale
807 Main Street
Ferndale, CA 95536

Humboldt County Library – Eureka
1313 3rd Street
Eureka, CA 95501

Scotia Community Services District
400 Church Street
Scotia, CA 95565

The Multi- Generational Center
2280 Newburg Road
Fortuna, CA 95540

County of Humboldt
Planning and Building Department

3015 H Street
Eureka, CA 95501

Should a member of the public require a printed copy of the document one may be purchased at the individual’s expense, at Scrapper’s Edge, 728 4th Street, Eureka, CA 95501.

Brief Project Description:

The proposed project consists of a maximum of 60 wind turbine generators (WTGs) and associated infrastructure with a generating capacity of up to 155 MW. The project site represents an approximately 2,218-acre area study corridor within which the WTGs and associated infrastructure would be placed. The project boundaries have been defined based on a 1,000-foot-wide corridor centered on the representative locations of WTGs; a 200-foot-wide corridor centered on project roadways, the electrical collection line, and the generation transmission line (gen-tie); and a 500-foot-wide buffer around proposed staging areas, temporary impact areas, and the project substation. The exact footprint of individual WTGs within the project site would be determined during final engineering design but would generally be placed along Monument and Bear River ridges. Turbine heights could reach up to 600 feet tall, with a rotor diameter of 492 feet.

In addition to the wind turbines and transformers, the project includes ancillary facilities such as temporary staging areas, access roads, 34.5-kilovolt (kV) collection lines (referred to in this EIR as the “collection system”), operations and maintenance (O&M) facility, a substation, a modified utility switchyard, and a 115 kV gen-tie along Shively Ridge. The project’s point of interconnection with the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) transmission grid would be PG&E’s Bridgeville Substation.

Wind Energy Project Website