A computer-generated photo illustration shows how Nordic Aquafarms’ proposed recirculating aquaculture system would look on the Samoa Peninsula. | File image.


Press release from Nordic Aquafarms:

Nordic Aquafarms has submitted first permit application for the Humboldt, California project

Monday August 17th, 2020 Nordic Aquafarms Inc. submitted its NPDES [National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System] permit application to The Regional Water Quality Control Board (Discharge permit).

Both the dilution analysis and the marine resources impact analysis conclude that the there will be a less than significant impact on receiving waters and marine life from the discharge from the facility. Thus, there is no need for further mitigation the analyses conclude. 

The discharge will be sent through an already existing pipe into open waters where effective dilution is achieved, with no impairment of waters identified.

Nordic Aquafarms applies the same high standards for discharge treatment as in Maine, where 99 percent of particles and most nutrients are removed before discharge. Nitrogen is reduced by more than 85 percent. 

In addition, microfiltration is applied with strong UV doses to enable the highest biosecurity levels in the industry on both intake and discharge.

99 percent of the water in our system is recycled and continuously treated. The remaining one percent is thoroughly treated before it is discharged.

These are the highest standards in the industry for discharge to receiving waters, and in Nordic Aquafarms´ view the future of ocean stewardship.

“Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been able to make good progress in California”, says EVP of Nordic Aquafarms Inc Marianne Naess who is in charge of the Humboldt project. “Our staff in California, Maine, and the Nordics have been engaged in the work with our local permitting vendors. CEQA and our last permit applications will be submitted in November”, she says.

Good collaboration with the authorities and many stakeholders in California has been vital for the swift progress there. California has gained significant timeline compared to the process Nordic Aquafarms has been through in Maine. “We would like to thank the Humboldt community for its warm welcome to Nordic Aquafarms”, says Marianne Naess.

“California is the second critical piece of our bi-coastal US strategy,” says President of Nordic Aquafarms Inc Erik Heim. “In both Maine and California Nordic Aquafarms will create over 150 full-time jobs in addition to 250-300 construction jobs from our projects. Jobs like these in sustainable industries are important contributions to post COVID-19 economic recovery and US food security”, he says.