We here at LoCO are suckers for the joyful enthusiasm of our neighbors. When their fun fervors bubble up into our field of vision we have a difficult time not passing it on to the rest of Humboldt. Energy is nice, mostly. 

And so, since we’ve only ever received two or three postcards in the LoCO lifespan, we present to you today’s most insistent piece of anonymous mail.

Behold (front and back)! 

OK! Dig the lighthouse, Berner!

Now, historically, the Outpost has refrained from making political endorsements since, I dunno, are y’all lacking for opinions on the internet? We trust you to figure stuff out. But then again, the person who sent us this snazzy postcard went to all the trouble of mailing us paper they physically wrote on, an act so foreign to us we can’t remember ever doing it in our lifetime if we’re being honest!

Thus, to honor this local Bernie fan’s maximum effort — and to encourage you to send us more postcards, maybe? — we’re going to break our non-endorsement policy somewhat and leave this editorial call up to you: Should LoCO endorse a President Sanders or nah? We will will gauge how hot Humboldt is bernin’ by playing a round of our beloved PRESS THE BUTTON, The Poll with Passion™.

Get to clickin’! The winning side will be rewarded by having a higher button number displayed on this post from now until the end of time, a very high honor. 

# # #



A: Press the Button is better than all the dumb Internet polling apps you find everywhere else in the world, because those things don’t let you enact how you feel about the issues of the day. This is a fingers-of-fury exercise. The quicker clicker wins! What you need to do is let your pure raw emotion pour from your limbic system and straight out through your extremities — click click click click click! — so that your chosen tribe will be carried to glory on the wings of angels, and all others pantsed and trampled down deep into the mud.

It’s all very visceral and exciting! 

# # #