The “gazebo-ner” may be gone, but its memory lives on | File photo: Andrew Goff

We at the Lost Coast Outpost must apologize.

Last week, when we discovered that an anonymous prankster (or maybe more of an artist?) had securely fastened a dildo to the top of the Old Town Gazebo, we knew that we needed to share this with our Humboldt audience. When a maintenance worker from the City of Eureka painstakingly removed the faux-phallus, we knew that we needed to capture video coverage of the scene. However, never once did it occur to us to bring this momentous story to the attention of Dan Savage — a well-known author, sex-advice columnist and podcaster.

Luckily, a Savage fan — who apparently calls himself “Mr. T” — was kind enough to do it for us, landing the Outpost’s story, reporter Andrew Goff, and the City of Eureka mentions on this week’s episode of “Savage Lovecast.”

Clip from Savage Lovecast — episode 775

“The internet failed to bring the gazebo situation in Eureka, California to my attention,” Savage says during his intro. “It took a ‘Savage Love’ reader — thank you Mr. T — emailing me the link to the story, like it was 1998 or something.”

Seattle-based sexpert Dan Savage | Photo: Joshua Rodriguez, via Wikimedia Commons. Creative commons license

Savage then outlines the story, which includes the discovery of a dildo mounted to the roof of the Old Town Gazebo and the somewhat difficult and pretty hilarious removal of it by a Eureka city employee. “I can’t do the Gazebo-ner, as Goff dubbed it…justice here…suffice it to say, whoever mounted that dildo to the roof of the gazebo in Eureka’s Old Town, intended for it to stay mounted. You’re gonna want to watch the video.”

A big thank you to Dan for bringing this important story to your listeners. And although Savage chastises the internet as a whole for not bringing this story to his attention sooner, we feel somewhat responsible (cuz, y’know, LoCO is part of the internet). We promise that the next time we cover a dildo-related story in Humboldt County, we will send it post-haste to Savage.

And if whoever mounted that dildo is a fan of the “Savage Lovecast”, maybe there will be a next time, because it is very clear that Savage is a big fan of the mysterious dildo prankster. 

 “Still a mystery as to who put that dildo there,” Savage said during the episode. “I gotta say, good job, dildo mounter. Good job and keep ‘em comin’.”


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