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We say “sort of expected” in the headline because, as we reported back in August of 2019, Humboldt State University administrators have been exploring this partnership for quite some time. But HSU has been playing its cards close to the vest.

The Outpost sent an email on March 17 asking for confirmation of this very agreement, about which we’d caught wind. Yet the Marketing and Communications Office replied, “We have nothing to share at this point.” This despite the fact that, as we learn in the press release below, the programming agreement had been finalized more than two weeks prior.

Anyway, for more on the tempestuous KHSU saga, explore the links at the bottom of this post.

Here’s the press release from Humboldt State University:

Humboldt State University has signed a Management and Programming Agreement with Capital Public Radio (CapRadio) to manage KHSU and the other non-commercial NPR member stations licensed to the University.

The collaborative agreement is effective April 1.

It was formally approved in late February after months of study and discussion.

The new agreement ensures that high-quality national and state programming for the North Coast will continue and that donations from the region will be used to support the KHSU stations. Once the agreement is underway, Humboldt State will work with station management to provide student internships in various facets of radio operations, as requested by faculty and students.

A renewal of local underwriting is planned, once core operations are in place. The agreement also includes an option, in the future, for campus-produced programming.

With the cost-sharing for programming, management, and other efficiencies, HSU expects to continue to realize annual savings of more than $250,000 that previously subsidized the stations, as well as significant savings from reduced space use and other soft costs.
Programming on Radio Bilingue will remain on 103.3 FM and 89.7 FM, which are not part of this agreement and will continue to be managed by the University. Also not included is KHSQ 107.7 FM, which will continue to air BBC and which is available for other possible uses in the future.

CapRadio entered into a similar agreement with North State Public Radio (NSPR) in October 2020. Under the new agreement with HSU, the FCC-issued broadcast licenses for the KHSU stations will be retained by the University, while CapRadio and Chico-based NSPR will be responsible for daily operations and programming in service to North Coast audiences.

Like KHSU, all of the stations that are part of this agreement are affiliated with a campus of the California State University.

“In an expanding world with a shrinking number of reliable sources, a strengthened KHSU will continue to be a conduit for North Coast listeners to learn about and connect to a rapidly changing and interconnected planet,” NSPR’s General Manager Phil Wilke said. “The partnership will also offer the ability to respond to critical and breaking news for the North Coast audience, making KHSU even more relevant and connected locally.”

CapRadio and NSPR will conduct market research and community listening sessions to determine the needs of the local audience. “With the results of the research as our guide,” CapRadio GM Jun Reina said, “we will evolve KHSU’s on-air and digital programming and will be able to ensure stronger resources to improve audience service. This includes uninterrupted access to national programming from NPR, BBC, and APM.”

As the license holder for KHSU, the University will maintain overall responsibility for the stations and a strong relationship with CapRadio and NSPR as the agreement unfolds.

“This is a promising new partnership that achieves our goals and opens up new possibilities for the future,” Frank Whitlatch, HSU’s Vice President for University Advancement, said. Whitlatch has overseen KHSU since the summer of 2019, and, along with former KHSU General Manager Ed Subkis, helped negotiate the agreement on behalf of HSU. “HSU students will continue to have internship opportunities at KHSU, with the added benefit of the expertise at CapRadio, and our North Coast communities will have a connection to state and national public radio programming.”

About KHSU

KHSU is a community-supported, non-commercial NPR member station, licensed to and located on the campus of Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. Its history traces to 1960, when KHSC became the first licensed, non-commercial FM station in the California State University. The station broadcasts a diverse mix of national and state public radio programs to a population of about 135,000 people throughout Northwest California and Southwest Oregon. Listen to KHSU online at

About CapRadio

CapRadio serves California’s Capital region, Central Valley and Sierra Nevada as the public-supported alternative to for-profit media. As the NPR-member station based in Sacramento, CapRadio connects with communities through seven broadcast stations, live streaming, podcasts, digital communities, live experiences and more. Known for its award-winning newsroom, CapRadio is recognized as a leader in community-engaged journalism and state government reporting, and CapRadio Music is the exclusive broadcast source of classical and jazz in the region. With more than 500,000 weekly listeners on-air and online, CapRadio provides a trusted and indispensable source of information, music and events. Listen to CapRadio online at

About NSPR

North State Public Radio is a national award-winning, non-commercial NPR member station featuring the best programs from national and international sources, as well as locally produced news, music and information shows. In partnership with CapRadio since October 2020, NSPR has been serving the communities of Northern California for more than 50 years and can be heard on KCHO 91.7 FM Chico, KFPR 88.9 FM Redding and smaller translators in Burney, Chester, Dunsmuir, Mount Shasta, Greenville, Hayfork, Oroville, Weaverville and Westwood. Listen to NSPR online at