Image from US National Weather Service

You’ve probably heard the proverb about March’s weather: “In like a lion, out like a lamb.” Well, this month seems to be living up to that saying, for the most part, with this last day of the month reaching unusually warm temperatures for March and some interior parts of Humboldt seeing temperatures in the mid 80s.

“March is going out like a lamb (arguably the same way it came in),” The US National Weather Service of Eureka writes on its Facebook page. “However, this last day of the month should be quite a bit warmer than the first, with high temperatures once again topping out in the lower to mid 80s across some of the interior valleys. Mostly sunny skies are expected.”

Though Humboldt saw a fair amount of cold days this March, with rain, hail and snow earlier in the month, the beginning of March was also quite nice. Jonathan Garner — a meteorologist with the National Weather Service — told the Outpost that today’s high temperature in Eureka will actually be about the same as it was on March 4, which was the warmest day of 2021. Though today may not technically be the warmest day of the year so far, it is certainly one of the warmest.

The high temperatures are also well shy of the record for this date, which Garner said was in the mid 70s in Eureka, but it is about 3 to 4 degrees warmer than is the average for March, he said.

So, take your eyes off of your screen now and get out there and enjoy it, Humboldt! The sunny warm weather is expected to continue tomorrow, but things will be cooling down moving into the weekend and we may see rain starting on Sunday.