Let’s watch some TV.

LoCO would like to extend an enthusiastic congratulations to Emily Fiasco, “a middle school band director from St. Louis, Missouri,” who is $28,000 richer for successfully pulling some very important trivia from the depths of her brain during the final round on an episode of Jeopardy that aired last night today. You are very much not a fiasco, Emily. We love you. 

On a related note, we’d like like to chastise Steve Clarke, “a lawyer from Chesapeake, Virginia,” who has brought great shame upon his family and insulted each and every one of LoCO’s regular readers by flubbing his Final Jeopardy response on the same episode. Your disgraceful legacy is secured. We are not fans. 

Now that you have some idea of what’s at stake, Humboldt, we invite you to watch the clip above and play along yourself. And just know that if you screw this up, we will be deeply disappointed. Good luck.  

Left: Hero; Right: Zero