Humboldt Redwoods Sate Park naturalist John “Griff” Griffith took to social media on Friday to talk about the recent reintroduction of the California Condor in Humboldt County.

On Tuesday morning, the Northern California Condor Restoration Program, a collaboration between the Yurok Tribe and the National Parks Service, released two condors into Redwood National and State Parks. The reintroduced birds are reportedly the first condors to soar over the Humboldt redwoods in more than a century.

In the video, embedded at the top of this story, Griff talks a bit about the history of the California condor and its cultural significance for local tribes.

Yurok Tribe Chairman Joseph L. James also issued a statement last week on the importance of the condor reintroduction.

“For countless generations, the Yurok people have upheld a sacred responsibility to maintain balance in the natural world,” James said. “Condor reintroduction is a real-life manifestation of our cultural commitment to restore and protect the planet for future generations. On behalf of the Yurok Tribe, I would like to thank all of the individuals, agencies and organizations that helped us prepare to welcome prey-go-neesh (condor) back to our homeland.”