Ray Olson’s trek along Jolly Giant Creek continues!

In today’s edition of “Humboldt Outdoors,” Olson takes us on the second leg of his four-mile journey from the headwaters of Jolly Giant Creek, located deep in the Arcata Community Forest, and follows the stream as it traverses through the campus of Cal Poly Humboldt, under Highway 101 and across downtown Arcata. 

Olson links up with Jack Murphy, a lecturer in Botany and Environmental Science at Cal Poly Humboldt, at Shay Park where the creek emerges after being confined to underground culverts for more than a half mile. 

Murphy and Olson chat beside Jolly Giant Creek.

“I love Jolly Giant Creek,” Murphy tells Olson. “We have a creek that has been here since water has fallen from the sky. … We’ve just temporarily impacted it with our civilization. It connects the Arcata Community Forest to Humboldt Bay. And if you love nature, why not invite that nature into the heart of your town?

Olson also chats with former Arcata City Council member and Mayor Julie Fulkerson about the city’s efforts to preserve and protect Jolly Giant Creek over the years.

“I thought it was important to protect the creek for a number of reasons, partly because I wanted people who would live here eventually in these apartments to have this experience,” Fulkerson says, referring to a 1987 city council decision to keep the creek open during the development of a nearby apartment complex at Ninth and J Streets. “But also, in a broader way, for people walking by to have this same enjoyable moment in the middle of an urban community.”

From there, Olson follows the creek over to the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary, where it eventually flows into Humboldt Bay. 

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