January 2019

Fortuna WIC Office Forced to Relocate, Will Have Limited Hours For a Few Months

WASHINGTON MEASLES OUTBREAK: Humboldt County’s Public Health Officer on our Troubling Local Conditions, and What the County is Doing to Prepare for the Worst

November 2018

Throw Away All Your Romaine Lettuce, Says CDC

October 2018

Health Department Shuts Down Raliberto’s Taco Shop Due to Cockroach Infestation

July 2018

Health Department Warns Swimmers to Stay Away From Blooms of Harmful Bacteria Known as Blue-Green Algae

Chinese Gourmet Express in the Mall Cleared to Reopen After Clean Inspection

County Health Officials Shut Down Chinese Gourmet Express in the Bayshore Mall for Health Code Violations

There’s Now a Medication Disposal Bin at the Courthouse, Part of a New Anti-Opioid Campaign from Sheriff’s Office and RX Safe Humboldt

TICK TIME! Here’s Some Tips on How to Endure Humboldt’s Tick Armies This Season

June 2018

Local Crow Tests Positive for West Nile Virus; Health Department Urges People to Guard Against Mosquito Bites

May 2018

State Steps in to Help Humboldt Investigate Alarming Rise in HIV Cases

Tres Chiles Picosos Quickly Re-opens After Being Shuttered by County Health for Lack of a Water Heater

DHHS SAYS: Humboldt County Has a Bad Case of Hepatitis C

April 2018

Yuck! Don’t Eat Romaine Lettuce, CDC Warns

March 2018

Eureka Inn’s Bristol Rose Restaurant Cleared to Reopen Over a Month After Health Inspectors Shut it Down

February 2018

(UPDATE) Speedy Taco #2 Food Truck Is Latest Local Eatery to Be Shut Down by Health Department

Eureka Inn’s Bristol Rose Cafe Shut Down for More Than a Dozen Health Code Violations After Inspector Finds Rat Infestation, Poison Strewn About Kitchen and Sewage-Stained Walls

January 2018

February is an Especially Good Month for Humboldt’s Youngsters to Brush Their Teeth

December 2017

(UPDATE) NOROVIRUS OUTBREAK SPREADS: Schools Shuttered in Cutten, Fieldbrook, Rio Dell; More May Announce Closure Before Tomorrow

DHHS on Norovirus Closures at Eureka City Schools, and What to Do When You Get Noro’d

Norovirus Closures Spread; Viral Outbreak Shuts Down Eureka City Schools For the Rest of the Week

Merry Christmas! Your Syringe Disposal Kiosks Have Arrived, Eureka!

Norovirus Outbreak To Close All Three South Bay Union Schools Next Week

Eureka Schools Hit Hard by Norovirus Outbreak; More Than 130 Students Out Sick

November 2017

Garbervillains May Once Again Drink Water Straight Out of the Tap

October 2017

Air Quality Could Get Unhealthy Tonight as Wildfire Smoke Descends Across the Region

September 2017

Yurok Tribe: Lower Klamath Contains Record-Breaking Levels of Liver-Killing Biological Toxin, Despite Last Winter’s Heavy Rains

August 2017

KHUM IN DEPTH: Healthcare in Humboldt

Humboldt Patient Tests Positive for West Nile Virus

July 2017

DHHS: Won’t You Please Vaccinate Your Children So They May Attend a Government Learning Institution, Humboldt?

DHHS: It’s Probably Time to Remind All You Humboldt Swimmers That Blue-Green Algae is a Thing (Even If Its Not Actually Algae)

June 2017

Humboldt Expected to Get $3.8 Million Grant to Improve Dental Services for Low Income Kids, County Health Department Says

May 2017

Rabies are Bad, Says DHHS, So Come Get Some Cheap, Cheap Rabies Vaccines

April 2017

Gonsea Apologizes to Customers, Promises to Maintain High Health Standards Going Forward

Humboldt’s Black-Market Pills and Heroin Could be Laced With a Super-Deadly Compound, DHHS Warns

Gonsea Restaurant Reopens Five Days After Public Health Shut It Down

County Public Health Department Shuts Down Eureka’s Gonsea Restaurant Due to ‘Imminent Health Hazards’

Humboldt County Has California’s Highest Rates of Gun Deaths, Suicides and Fatal Car Crashes

March 2017

(UPDATED) Lead Poisoning Rate in Eureka Children is Higher Than Among Kids in Flint, Michigan

Eat Sport-Harvested Shellfish (Except Razor Clams)! State Public Health Department Lifts Warning of Deadly Toxins in Mussels, Clams, Crab Guts

SURVEY SAYS! Humboldt County Kids Have Easy Access to Booze and Tobacco … and Our Convenience Stores Aren’t Helping, State Research Shows

February 2017

DON’T LET THOSE PILLS PILE: Here is a List of Six Humboldt Pharmacies Now Accepting Unwanted Medication

St. Joseph’s Hospital Purchases Two ‘Cuddle Cots’

VACCINES for PRETEENS! Now is the Time For Your Sulky Tweener to Get Her/His Shots

Don’t Eat Sport-Harvested Shellfish! California Public Health Department Warns of Deadly Toxins in Humboldt County Clams, Mussels, Crab Guts

Ruth Lake Dog Put Down in Fortuna After Contracting Rabies From a Skunk; Second Case of Canine Rabies Recently, After a Long Absence in Humboldt

January 2017

As Cervical Health Awareness Month Gives Way to National Children’s Dental Health Month…

December 2016

Nonprofit Organization Gives Humboldt County’s Public Health Department an Official Thumbs-Up

How to Not Poison Your Holiday Guests: Tips From the County’s Environmental Health Division

November 2016

DHHS Would Like You to PrEPare for World AIDS Day

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