February 2024

SORRY, DRUNK TEENS! Eureka Booze Retailers Survive Alcoholic Beverage Control Sweep Through Town With Zero Citations

September 2023

EPD: Today’s Lockdown at Eureka High Was Due to a Man With a Very Realistic Looking BB Gun

August 2023

The Fortuna Teenager Who Accidentally Shot Himself Last Night is Doing OK, Police Say

July 2023

UPDATE: In a Shocking Development, Fortuna Police Have Determined That Carnies are Not Attempting to Kidnap Children After All

June 2020

Bomb-Bot Bravely X-Rays Suspicious Object in Freshwater, Reveals Contents as Benign

November 2018

Rio Dell Police Contact Door-to-Door Energy Salespeople, Have No Reason to Suspect Scam

October 2018

Great American Shakeout Time! Sign Up Now if You Want the County to Give Your Phone a Buzz During an Emergency

December 2016

EUREKA POLICE: That ‘Abducted Child’ Case Friday Was Not a Case of Abduction At All, It Turns Out

August 2015

Phonebook Delivery Driver Calls 911 on Eureka Resident Who Didn’t Want a Phonebook

June 2015

Call in the SWAT Team! University Police Respond to Crazed Bee Swarm

November 2014

[PHOTO] Transient Tenants Let Weeds Overrun NoHum Nest

Kid Arrests Cancer With Pink Handcuffs, Do You Think You Can You Help Her?

October 2014

Eureka Police: There Was No Kidnapping, But Here are Some Good Reminders On How To Not Be Kidnapped

June 2014

Accident on Broadway This Afternoon

Oops! Sheared Fire Hydrant

March 2014

THE INSIDE SCOOP: That Standoff in Eureka Was a Stand Against an Empty House

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