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RHBB: [UPDATE 12:55 a.m.] Eight Trailers on Fire at the Foot of Hilfiker in Eureka

RHBB: Cal Poly Humboldt Announces Progress on Student Housing

RHBB: Eureka City Schools Names Board Room After Frances H. Taplin, Long-time Educator and Trustee

RHBB: Central Avenue Road Work on July 9th


Humboldt Sports: District championship goes down to the wire, as Mack holds off RELL

RHBB: Power Is Out to a Swath of SoHum–From Bear Buttes to North of Dyerville

KINS: PM News 070622

Non Sequitur: Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller for Thu, 07 Jul 2022

NCJ: Anti-Semitic Flyers Left in Arcata Neighborhood

RHBB: 1 New Hospitalization, 291 New Cases During Past Seven-Day Period

Wild Rivers Outpost: Injured Hiker Rescued From Natural Bridges Area Near Brookings

Wild Rivers Outpost: Artist Who Fled Soviet Union Donates Life's Work to Crescent City, Leaves Town; Val Polyanin Operated 'Iconic' Roadside Gallery Near South Beach

Humboldt Sports: Ford, Reeves to play at CR, as local recruiting drive continues

Humboldt Sports: Crabs rediscover their mojo after a tough recent road trip

CHIV'D: EPD investigating 4th of July assault

Humboldt Sports: Busy night of action planned for Redwood Acres Raceway this weekend

CHIV'D: Deputy DA Schaffer, Rio Dell Police Chief and Sgt honored for work in Rio Dell homicide

Humboldt Sports: Here we go again, Mack gets rematch with Redwood Empire

Governor's Office: Governor Newsom Takes Action to Support Communities Recovering from Wildfires 7.1.22

CHIV'D: “We are excited to partner with Sundt on this historic and unique housing project for Cal Poly Humboldt."

CHIV'D: Convicted felon arrested for meth and firearm charges

CHIV'D: Judge Wilson granted Pitzer supervised release; he also issued the bench warrant for failure to appear in court

KINS: Talkshop 070622 – Rex Bohn

CHIV'D: The State's attorney can make time but the lawyer representing Humboldt can't bother to show up for court?

Times-Standard : McKinleyville’s Alex Stick excels in martial arts

RHBB: Crash on 101 South of Hopland Slows Traffic This Morning

Times-Standard : ‘This was a big win’: Humboldt County first responders report fewer calls July 4 weekend

Times-Standard : Eureka council takes action on security camera rules

CHIV'D: Convicted felon adds to her criminal history

Times-Standard : Nordic Aquafarms picks CFO Brenda Chandler as interim president

KINS: Marty Coelho – CC070622

KINS: AM News 070622

Times-Standard : Cannabis farmers get a break on some pot taxes

Times-Standard : Chaotic July 4 video shows man being assaulted, racial slurs used

City of Eureka Meetings: Historic Preservation Commission - Jul 06, 2022

RHBB: Cal Poly Humboldt Buys Property for ‘Polytechnic Transformation’

Tuesday, July 5

RHBB: Fire Threatening Structures in the Covelo Area

SoHum Parlance: Cervantes Campaign Party on July 21

KINS: PM News 070522

Wild Rivers Outpost: No Arrests Made After Van Collided Into Pedestrians on Fourth of July, Killing One; Driver Hospitalized With Possible Head Injury, CCSO Says

Non Sequitur: Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller for Wed, 06 Jul 2022

EcoNews: Creature Feature: Sitka Spruce

CHIV'D: Cal Poly Humboldt to use 16 acres of land at 2000 Foster Avenue for polytechnic efforts

Humboldt Sports: From the Eel River All-Stars to the Crabs, Sears enjoys his return home

Wild Rivers Outpost: 25-year-old Charged With Attempted Murder After Allegedly Stabbing a Juvenile

RHBB: [UPDATE 2:04 p.m.] Fire Burning to the Southwest of Clear Lake in Lake County

Wild Rivers Outpost: Smith River Woman, Man Sustain Major Injuries After Firework Explodes In Her Hand

KINS: Talkshop 070522 – Bill McAuley

KINS: Talkshop 070422 – Greg Hill

Humboldt Sports: Crabs top the Mudcats, stretch winning streak to six straight

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