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The Hill: 22 studies agree: 'Medicare for All' saves money

Washington Post: CFPB proposal would allow debt collectors to call you about old bills

San Jose Mercury: Five hikers rescued from the ‘Into the Wild’ bus in Alaska

The Oregonian: Oregon monitors more than 200 people for coronavirus after they traveled to China

KTLA: California DOJ Announces New DNA Technology to ID Unknown Persons

The Guardian: Oil and gas industry rewards US lawmakers who oppose environmental protections – study

The Guardian: Ecological grief: I mourn the loss of nature – it saved me from addiction

The Guardian: Trump's separation of families constitutes torture, doctors find

RHBB: California Becomes First State Accredited for New Technology Which Will Make It Easier to Test DNA Exposed to Harsh Conditions

Lost Eureka: 1889.02.25


SoHum Parlance: Debate Party Tuesday Evening

Washington Post: Antarctic heat wave melted 20 percent of an island’s snow cover in days, caused melt ponds to proliferate

RHBB: Overturned Vehicle on the Avenue of the Giants

Governor's Office: In South LA, Governor Newsom Visits Formerly Homeless Families Provided Temporary Housing in State-Owned Travel Trailers

San Jose Mercury: Feds order Santa Clara County’s biggest reservoir to be drained due to earthquake collapse risk

Washington Post: This chart is the best explanation of middle-class finances you will ever see

Huffington Post: Here’s What Happens When Public Transit Is Free

Times-Standard : Health care topics dominate 2nd District Supervisor forum

KMUD: Rio Dell Considers Sewer Partnership with Scotia, and New Cannabis Facility

KMUD: Local News 02 24 20

KMUD: Health Departments Provide Guidelines for Avoiding COVID-19 Coronavirus

KMUD: Garberville Sanitary District Rate Increases Discussed this Tuesday

KMUD: Crooked Prairie Murder Victim Identified; Shelter Cove Neighborhood Watch Continues

Delacorte Review: The School at the End of the Trail of Tears

Pro Publica: The FBI Is Investigating Massive Embezzlement of Border Patrol Union Funds

The Hustle: How Mount Everest became a multimillion-dollar business

SF Chronicle: Bay Area's guide dog school deals with rise of fake service animals

Wild Rivers Outpost: Valerie Starkey Says She Brings No Agendas, Platforms To Del Norte County District 2 Race

Times-Standard : Capitol Tracker: Jim Wood bill aims to make Affordable Care Act more affordable

Governor's Office: Governor Newsom Announces Appointments 2.24.20

Wild Rivers Outpost: (Audio) Supervisor Candidates Discuss Property Rights, Housing Issues At Del Norte Association of Realtors Forum

Governor's Office: TODAY: In South LA, Governor Newsom to Visit Formerly Homeless Families Provided Temporary Housing in State-Owned Trailers

County of Humboldt: COVID-19 CDC guidance for businesses

RHBB: Guidance for Business Owners on How to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19)

NCJ: Sheriff's Office IDs Man Killed in Southern Humboldt

RHBB: Crash in Valley West Leaves Pickup on Roof and Sedan Pushed Into a Fence

Daily Beast: Americans Show Fresh Signs of Panic as Coronavirus Cases Jump Again

Non Sequitur: Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller for Tue, 25 Feb 2020

Times-Standard : Victim in Ettersburg homicide identified as 33-year-old SoHum resident

The Oregonian: Chinook salmon returns in Columbia River could be among lowest on record

The Oregonian: $45 million homelessness emergency bill advances in Oregon Legislature

The Oregonian: Oregon man emerges as Tea Party’s newest big donor

The Guardian: 'They won't survive': Trump gas wells would block pronghorn migration route

Press Democrat: Newsom offers up state land in Santa Rosa, long eyed for housing, for homeless shelters

RHBB: Trinity Co. DHHS Asks Residents Who Have Traveled to Hubei Province, China, or Have Had Direct Contact With Someone Who Has to Contact Them

Wild Rivers Outpost: WRO and KFUG Interviews Darrin Short

NCJ: North Coast Night Lights: Comet Hyakutake

RHBB: Fiery Crash on Hwy 299 Spreading to the Vegetation,

KMUD: Norway Officials Eye Humboldt for Teamwork

Wild Rivers Outpost: New Nursing Programs at CR, HSU Seek To Tackle Shortage By Growing Local Workforce

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