From left: Mitchell, Fode, Godoy-Standley.

The last three defendants were arraigned today in the Dec. 12 slaying of a 20-year-old Eureka man, with Brandon James Mitchell identified as the shooter.

Mitchell, Catherine Suzanne Lynn Fode and Hector Godoy-Standley pleaded not guilty to carjacking and to murdering Tyson Eduardo Claros, who was shot multiple times and left to die on Highway 255. The other two defendants, Tamara Nicole Thomson and Cesar Octavio Valenzuela, were arraigned last week.

Both women are 18, and the three men are in their early 20s.

Law enforcement says Claros was riding in a car being driven by an unidentified woman, and one of the defendants (apparently an acquaintance) also was in that car. The defendant produced a gun and ordered the driver to pull over. Then a car with the four other suspects pulled up. The driver and Claros were ordered out of the car.

Claros was shot and mortally wounded, but the woman driver managed to escape. The suspects then took off with the woman’s car.

Mitchell is charged with murder, carjacking and intentionally discharging a firearm. The other four defendants are accused of murder, carjacking and possessing a firearm.

Deputy District Attorney David Christensen said no more arrests are anticipated.

Judge Marilyn Miles set bail at $1.25 million for Fode and Godoy-Standley, and $1.5 million for Mitchell.

At this point the Humboldt County Public Defender’s Office is representing Valenzuela and the Conflict Counsel’s Office represents Mitchell. Appointed private attorneys David Nims and Neal Sanders will be defending Thomson and Fode, respectively. Godoy-Standley’s family has hired private attorney David Celli.

The preliminary hearing for all five defendants is set for Dec. 28.