Eureka city government has announced the date, and now it’s planning strategy: On May 2, if all goes according to plan, the illegal homeless encampment in the Palco Marsh will be no more.

This morning, the city published a request for proposals from local nonprofit agencies, religious groups or other interested parties to set up an alternative, city-sanctioned camp elsewhere in the area. They’re looking for detailed plans — potential sites, budget details, staffing arrangements, proof of insurance, etc. — and they’re looking for it soon, setting a deadline of April 22 for submission of proposals.

The whole timeline, as laid out by the city in this thing, is incredibly tight. Proposals are to be submitted by April 22. and the city is supposed to choose one of the proposals by May 3 — one day after the deadline to vacant the marsh that the city has given to campers.

In its request, the city emphasizes that it is looking for a temporary camp, one that is to last six months, maximum. This is the provision that seems to have permanently killed a potential arrangement with Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives, Inc., the local group that has done the most work exploring sanctioned homeless camps. Despite this, the city is hoping that other groups will step up.

From the city of Eureka: 

On March 18, 2016, the Eureka City Council established a deadline of May 2, 2016, to remove all encampments in violation of Eureka Municipal Code 93.02.  It was determined that the elimination of camping in the vicinity of the Waterfront Trail construction was necessary due to public safety, environmental concerns and for the health and welfare of those camping illegally in the area.  In addition to the May 2, encampment vacation, the City Council also determined that the City would release a RFP, for the purpose of determining if there was interest in the community either from a non-profit organization, religious institution or other interested parties to provide a temporary-not greater than six months sanctioned camping facility within the City limits.  Attached is the Eureka Homeless Services RFP.

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