Nearly two years after Trevor Mark Harrison was shot to death in his Arcata home, the suspects are ready to stand trial.

This morning attorneys confirmed to Judge Christopher Wilson that they are ready to begin trial for Billy Joe Giddings and Robert Louis Huntzinger, accused of murdering the 38-year-old Harrison during a home-invasion robbery on May 9, 2015. The trial, including jury selection, is expected to last up to four weeks. A starting date will be set on April 21.

Eyewitness Kimberly Steele, in an interview shortly after the killing, told the Outpost she was in the process of selling marijuana to Harrison’s mother when Giddings came in and started pointing a gun and telling her and the mother to give him their purses. Huntzinger was trying to force his way into the house, Steele said, and Harrison was trying to keep him out when Giddings shot him.

Initially Steele also was arrested on suspicion of murder and robbery, but she was released from jail after three days and never charged. She said the marijuana in question belonged to Huntzinger, but she was brokering the deal with Harrison’s mother.

Huntzinger, 36, and Giddings, 37, were arrested within a few days of the slaying and remain in custody.

The pair are being prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Roger Rees. Giddings’ attorney is Deputy Public Defender Luke Brownfield, while Hunsucker is represented by Russ Clanton and Associates.