Murder suspect Eric Jason Lively stared right into Jesse Earl Simpson’s eyes, then accelerated and ran over him, according to a Sheriff’s Department report.

A sheriff’s deputy who was at the crime scene in Shelter Cove wrote that Lively, “told officers on scene that he looked (Simpson) in the eyes, then peeled out and hit (Simpson) with his vehicle. Then (he) left the scene and washed the blood off his tires before returning.”

The deputy’s report was recently entered into the court file associated with the charges of murder that Lively faces in connection with the incident.

Eric Lively. File photo.

Lively, 45, was arrested on a warrant May 4, the day after he allegedly ran over and killed Simpson near the intersection of Debbie Lane and Eileen Road in Shelter Cove. Simpson’s friends and family have said he was using a weed-eater in a yard when he was hit.

This is the second time Lively has been arrested on suspicion of deliberately running over someone with his truck. In 2013 he was jailed on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon after he struck and injured a man.

Simpson’s friends and relatives have said Lively is well-known in Shelter Cove for his violent behavior and constant threats. They described Simpson, 42, as a beloved resident known for his kindness and generosity.

Lively remains in custody and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on May 23. He is represented by attorney Russ Clanton.