Conceptual drawing courtesy AMCAL Multi-Housing Inc.

I believe so many of us forget how long Humboldt State University has remained a fixture in our community. Lumber has gone away, then fishing and recently we’ve seen the decline of cannabis. Yet HSU has stayed and continues to provide jobs which translate into dollars for each of us. Whether we own a retail store, a car wash, a restaurant or a bar, rentals or enjoy the cultural aspects of Arcata, HSU continues to provide.

California is desperate for housing and Arcata is no different. We have many housing needs and Arcata provides as best as it can (through private developers) for those needs. Now we have a chance to provide for another need: student housing.

It’s time for us to put aside our disgruntledness about “whatever” and support the Village student housing project. After it’s built, we will be proud of it as we are of Indian United Health Services, the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary, Marsh Commons, Courtyards and Plaza Point and many more.

HSU puts millions of dollars into our economy each year. That’s nothing to shake our fingers at. Contact our councilmembers and tell them to say YES.

# # #

Alex Stillman is a longtime resident and former mayor of Arcata.