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The following press release was sent this morning by Natalynne DeLapp, the local community liaison for Terra-Gen:

Eureka, California—Humboldt Del Norte Building & Construction Trades announce a project labor agreement with Terra-Gen that guarantees the Humboldt Wind Project will be built solely by union labor.
“The agreement also locks in local hire for this green build to keep our community dollars local.” said Jeff Hunerlach, District Representative for the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 3. “It also promotes the planet, saving clean energy that is provided by wind farms, with special environmental considerations to protect the avian populations in our area.”

“We consider the Humboldt Del Norte Building & Construction Trades an integral part of the local community and vital to the success of the Humboldt Wind Project. These formal agreements allow us to guarantee meaningful work for some of Humboldt’s most skilled workers, enabling new expertise and technologies in the renewable energy sector,” said Nathan Vajdos, Senior Director for Terra-Gen. “This partnership will provide up to 300 prevailing wage jobs and a renewable energy project that will benefit Humboldt County—we see this as a win-win agreement.”

“Alliances between labor and environmental organizations are crucial because of agreements like this one,” said John McEntagart, Business Manager for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 551. “Thanks to the advocacy of our union members we will have family sustaining work, planet sustaining clean energy, and a compromise to benefit everyone at the table.”

The Humboldt Wind Project: The Humboldt Wind Project proposes a privately-financed, construction and operation of a wind energy project of capable of producing up to 155 MW of electricity, with a project footprint involving private property along Bear and Monument Ridges south of Rio Dell and Scotia.

Economic Benefits: The project will create short- and long-term employment opportunities by creating approximately 15 full-time jobs and approximately 300 prevailing wage construction jobs, and it will provide broader economic benefits to the County through increased spending in the community as a result of construction. The Project will also result in an estimated $50 million dollars in tax revenue over 30-years to Humboldt County.

Local and Regional Environmental Benefits: The Project will further numerous General Plan policies, all of which encourage the use of renewable energy resources. The Project will contribute 80 MW of power toward Redwood Coast Energy Authority’s target of 100% clean and renewable electricity by 2025, will produce more than 60% of the electricity used by Redwood Coast Energy Authority’s customers, who represent more than 90% of the electricity customers in Humboldt County, and will reduce reliance on local natural gas.

The project will displace emissions of approximately 384,068 metric tons per year of carbon dioxide that will otherwise be required to generate the same amount of electricity as this 155 MW project. The Project will provide $13.9M in necessary, local grid improvements that will improve the reliability and independence of Humboldt County’s grid.

Statewide Environmental Benefits: The Project will assist California in meeting the Renewable Portfolio Standard goals of 60% of the state’s electricity from eligible renewable energy resources by 2030, and it will contribute to a diversified statewide energy portfolio.

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